Carnage ft. Tyga, OhGeesy (Shoreline Mafia) & Takeoff - Hella Neck

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Directed by: JMP @ualreadyknowjmp
DP Day 1: Brett Arnt & JMP
DP Day 2: JMP
Produced by: Jiorgi Miller @lilsabotage
Day 1 AC: Rob Dicaro
Day 2 AC:Drew Percival & Phillip Arroyo Long
Day 1 Gaffer:Dimitri Chrisoforidis
Day 2 Gaffer: Jordan Av-tal
Day 2 Key Grip: Yannis Shmid
Edit: JMP
Casting Day 1: Nora Biltz
Casting Day 2: Jiorgi Miller
Day 1: Madeline Antic
Day 2: Davon King

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