Leaked files reveal 20x more CCP virus cases than officially reported in Wuhan, China | NTD

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According to internal government documents obtained by our sister media, the Chinese Epoch Times, in one example, the real number of new cases of #coronavirus infection in Wuhan is over

The documents, delivered to the Wuhan health commission, are part of a daily report of nucleic test results that confirm cases of infection of the #CCPvirus.

The reports show, for March 14, last Saturday, among the over 16-thousand people examined,

But the official number from the Chinese regime for Wuhan city for the same day, was

On Thursday, President #Trump expressed doubt about the data released by the communist regime:

“as far as believing what they’re putting out now, I hope it’s true. Who knows? But I hope it’s true. I really do.”

The Chinese regime is saying the virus has basically been contained in China -- but the leaked documents show, among the 16-thousand tested, over a quarter took the test for the first time -- representing a potentially larger number of people who could be infected but don't know it.
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