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There are over 50 major sport events taking place every year across the world. While these events impact on natural resources, represent significant project expenditure and impact on workers across industries, they also pose great benefits and can create a legacy for the host city, country or region.

The Sustainability & Major Sport Events professional certificate program looks at the key sustainability factors to consider how a major sport event can be leveraged to build a lasting legacy that improves efficiency, promotes conservation of resources and adds significant value to the host community.

The five pillars of sustainability; human, social, economic, governance and environmental, are explored on this program with a focus on core principles and real-world examples presented to further embed an understanding of sustainability within this context.

During the first course you will learn about each of the sustainability pillars and the importance of how they relate to a major sport event. The second course provides you with practical steps and tools to plan and host a major sport event that is sustainable, with a lasting legacy.

We recommend that you complete the courses in order, as the learning journey takes you from principles towards implementation. However, you may enroll in either course based on your level of experience and interest.

What You'll Learn:
• The five pillars of sustainability and the sustainability lifecycle
• Key human, social, economic, governance and environmental considerations when planning a sustainable major sport event
• Sustainable approaches to infrastructure and air, water and waste management
• Sustainable major sport event strategies and action plans
• Long-term impact and legacy of sustainable major sport events

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