Travelers must reveal if they’re taking medicine that would hide symptoms, says Chen

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All those returning to Taiwan must reveal if they are taking medicines to suppress COVID-19 symptoms, in a new rule announced by the Central Epidemic Command Center. Health minister Chen Shih-chung has stressed that intercepting COVID-19 cases at the airport is now key to containing the spread in Taiwan. He says that those who admit to having taken medicine need not fear any punishment. But those found to be deliberately concealing their medication history, or trying to hide symptoms from health officials, should expect to receive harsh penalties. Chen Shih-chungCentral Epidemic Command CenterI repeat: you will not be punished for having taken medicine. But if you conceal the truth on your statement of health, then you will be punished. Don’t hide things, it’s completely warned that heavy penalties are being lined up for travelers found to have provided inaccurate information on their health statement at the border. Of the 25 new imported cases, 12 were discovered at the Shih-chungCentral Epidemic Command CenterWe want anyone who had fever or other symptoms and took medicines before arriving at the airport to report this honestly. Perhaps you took medicine before getting your flight, and your fever subsided by the time you arrived. Your cough has been suppressed. So airport staff didn’t pick up on your illness and didn’t test you. But this is not a win for you. If you have symptoms, the best thing is to get tested as soon as possible. It’s also the safest thing for your official line is clear and simple. But there may still be some who hope to take fever medication and blend in with the crowd. Doctors stress this poses a very serious public health Hsieh Ying-huaTaipei Medical University HospitalThere are some who, a day or two before returning to Taiwan, noticed an irregular temperature and began taking fever or cough medicines. We advise them very seriously to not let themselves become a danger to public health here. I recommend adding a question to the health statement. “Have you taken fever or cough medication in the last three days?” We should require people to respond to that the stringent two-week isolation period was imposed on all travelers last Thursday, the number of people entering the country each day has gradually declined. On Monday, fewer than 4,000 individuals flew in. Regardless, imported cases continue to dominate the growing tally of COVID-19 in Taiwan, making airport screening a top concern.
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